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On February 18th I celebrated my birthday, the big 33 😂! Can’t believe I’m almost in my mid 30s, like WTF I was just 23 and living my best life, now I’m 33, a mom and trying to figure out my career, what a rollercoaster. Anyways I decided to make a cake. And Princess tårta […]

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Mini keylime pies

These little suckers(key limes) are so sour and take forever to fresh squeeze but oh so worth it to do it all from scratch. Sure you can buy freshly squeezed keylime juice or use regular limes but why not do the work and do it right!? This recipe is simple, straight forward and delicious. Sweet, […]

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Pinocchio tårta (cake)

I remember eating this cake as a kid and it’s ridiculously good. It has a layer of fluffy spongecake, another layer of meringue, a layer of almonds and whipped cream and berries. It has a few steps to it but all so simple and doesn’t take any time at all and if you have a […]

Cakes Desserts Swedish


Fika is actually a real thing in Sweden. And this budapest rulle is in all the coffee shops and always an option when you go out for fika. I put a little spin on it by adding homemade vanilla custard in the whipped cream but traditionally its made with just whipped cream and oranges. You […]