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Every year for fall I have to make a pumpkin cheesecake and I honestly think these once are the best so far! They are not overly sweet but full of pumpkin flavor and a delicious crunchy gramham cracker crust! I am going to be honest and say that I overwhippes the cream cheese so my… Continue reading MINI PUMPKIN CHEESECAKES

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Im on a donut high right now as the cinnamon sugar once I made came out AMAZING. And I got to say that these were a little better! Super decadent with the light chocolate donut and rich chocolate topping. They wont be as crispy as a “real” donut and more “cake like” consistency but fluffier,… Continue reading DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BAKED DONUTS

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Donuts, who doesnt love Donuts. Freshly made, warm with sugar 😍 its like heaven. But how often do we make them? I can only speak for myself but it doesnt happen often. The whole frying process I think scares people and it takes time. So I tried this baked donut recipe and it is truly… Continue reading BAKED DONUTS

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I LOVE rhubarbs it reminds me of when I was a kid and used to pick them in my back yard and dip them in sugar and eating them raw, I thought it was the best thing ever with the tartness and the sugar. And I mean I got to eat sugar so how could… Continue reading RHUBARB LEMON CHEESECAKE (NOBAKE)

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How f***ing amazing is pickled onions? You can little have it on ANYTHING and its so easy to make and it lasts for a looooong time. How I got hooked on these suckers I think was from my former job. Used to come on a fresh tuna ceviche with some jalapeños and its was the… Continue reading PICKLED ONIONS

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I gave these sucker another shot and I am actually very proud of the outcome. By far the best ones ive made SO FAR. They are CHEWY with a SOFT butter cream and a CRUNCHY exterior, EXACTLY how I like them and how they should be in my opinion. I am going to MASTER these… Continue reading NUTELLA MACARONS

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I seriously havent tried making macarons since this summer when I FAILED 3 TIMES and let me tell you I was so F****ng mad!!!!! I put it on the shelf for months! But one day I just decided to give these suckers a try and although they didn’t come out perfect, at least they came… Continue reading EGGNOG MACARONS



As you know we went apple picking and I had a hard time deciding what to make! I mean we know I love pumpkin so I combined the two. Pumpkin cake with apples and it turned out amazing. Super moist and fluffy and delicious. I ate it with pumpkin ice cream. Simple and delicious. Just… Continue reading APPLE & PUMPKIN UPSIDE DOWN CAKE


Cookies, cookies, cookies

What can I really say about cookies? Delicious, chewy, crisp, sweet, endless variety! I love a good cookie but to be honest with you I think a regular chocolate chip cookie gets boring! But somehow it seems to be Americas all time favorite cookie. Dont get me wrong, I like them but after having one… Continue reading Cookies, cookies, cookies