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I LOVE rhubarbs it reminds me of when I was a kid and used to pick them in my back yard and dip them in sugar and eating them raw, I thought it was the best thing ever with the tartness and the sugar. And I mean I got to eat sugar so how could […]

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Princess cake

This cake is definitely a Swedish staple. You can dind it literally EVERYWHERE. Every bakery and pastry shop. Cafes and grocery stores. Its a super simple cake. Spongecake, raspberry jam, ALOT of whipped cream and marzipan. Simple and delicious. If you go to a birthday party or any celebration in Sweden its a 90 % […]

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Mini NO BAKE peanut butter cheesecakes

Where should I even start! These little suckers was EVERYTHING I wanted and more. Crisp oreo bottom, creamy, smooth peanut butter filling with a rich chocolate ganache on top!!!!!! Like can you go wrong? As you all know Im not a huge fan of cheesecake, the baked kind, BUT these NO BAKE decadent cheesecakes are […]


Pistachio cake

If you have never tried this before you HAVE TO. This cake came out rich and textured with the BEST smooth vanilla frosting! Its a high cake and will feed plenty! I literally LOVE trying to make things ive never made before and this came out AMAZING. The pistachio and almond flavor is just what […]

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Swedish Strawberry cake

I have been DYING for a swedish style cake. And with that I mean fresh whipped cream instead of frosting. Sometimes frosting is good, if its home made super airy and fluffy but most times it sucks. If you dont make it yourself you shouldnt even bother eating it in my opinion. I just love […]

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Pinocchio tårta (cake)

I remember eating this cake as a kid and it’s ridiculously good. It has a layer of fluffy spongecake, another layer of meringue, a layer of almonds and whipped cream and berries. It has a few steps to it but all so simple and doesn’t take any time at all and if you have a […]

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Fika is actually a real thing in Sweden. And this budapest rulle is in all the coffee shops and always an option when you go out for fika. I put a little spin on it by adding homemade vanilla custard in the whipped cream but traditionally its made with just whipped cream and oranges. You […]