A look into our lives Coloring easter


Good Friday is here and that means easter is coming! Sweet P and I love any holiday and coloring eggs is so much fun. You can be creative and just have a fun time together with the kiddos 😍 The easter bunny came eatly this year for Sweet P due to me working easter Sunday […]

A look into our lives homemade Pickle pickled veggies


How f***ing amazing is pickled onions? You can little have it on ANYTHING and its so easy to make and it lasts for a looooong time. How I got hooked on these suckers I think was from my former job. Used to come on a fresh tuna ceviche with some jalapeños and its was the […]

A look into our lives

Having a baby!!!

My life as a mom started 3+ years ago. October 20th 2016, also her daddys birthday!! (happy birthday babe 😂). I think all us women and probably most men remember the hectic, stressful moments when the water breaks(if it does), contractions, rushing to the hospital, bringing the “babybag”. Ours was fast and emotional. I remember […]