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Fika is actually a real thing in Sweden. And this budapest rulle is in all the coffee shops and always an option when you go out for fika. I put a little spin on it by adding homemade vanilla custard in the whipped cream but traditionally its made with just whipped cream and oranges. You […]

A look into our lives

Having a baby!!!

My life as a mom started 3+ years ago. October 20th 2016, also her daddys birthday!! (happy birthday babe 😂). I think all us women and probably most men remember the hectic, stressful moments when the water breaks(if it does), contractions, rushing to the hospital, bringing the “babybag”. Ours was fast and emotional. I remember […]

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Banana bread!!!!

Ugh, what a turbulent couple of weeks we have had in the world. With the Corona virus literally shutting down everything, people are loosing their jobs and the world is just at hold I feel like we need to try and find some positivity in the negative and stressful times. Its hard but I am […]

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1st blogpost ever!!!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. My name is Rebecka, I am from Sweden but live in America. I am in my early 30s and have a 3 year old daugther, that you will see alot of in this blog. She is with me all the time and wants part in […]