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These amazing baked goods are a swedish staple. A chocolate sponge cake with a chocolate and coffee glaze and sprinkled with coconut. You normally just baked them on a large cookie sheet pan cut in squares. I decided to use cookie cutters to make them heart shapes for valentines day and I also used food […]

Breakfast Spongecakes

Banana bread with crumble

Anyways back on track here, I had to to something with these damn bananas but didnt want to do the regular BORING banana bread that I literally do EVERY TIME! So I thought of coffee cake! Gives it a little more life and texture. And I got to say this banana bread is by FAR […]

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Swedish Strawberry cake

I have been DYING for a swedish style cake. And with that I mean fresh whipped cream instead of frosting. Sometimes frosting is good, if its home made super airy and fluffy but most times it sucks. If you dont make it yourself you shouldnt even bother eating it in my opinion. I just love […]

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Pinocchio tårta (cake)

I remember eating this cake as a kid and it’s ridiculously good. It has a layer of fluffy spongecake, another layer of meringue, a layer of almonds and whipped cream and berries. It has a few steps to it but all so simple and doesn’t take any time at all and if you have a […]

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Banana bread!!!!

Ugh, what a turbulent couple of weeks we have had in the world. With the Corona virus literally shutting down everything, people are loosing their jobs and the world is just at hold I feel like we need to try and find some positivity in the negative and stressful times. Its hard but I am […]