baking Christmas baking Macarons


I seriously havent tried making macarons since this summer when I FAILED 3 TIMES and let me tell you I was so F****ng mad!!!!! I put it on the shelf for months! But one day I just decided to give these suckers a try and although they didn’t come out perfect, at least they came […]

A look into our lives baking candy chocolate Christmas baking Desserts julgodis No bake Snacks


I didnt go as crazy as I normally do for Christmas and making candy but I made a couple in my opinion HAVE TOS! Knäck, which is a swedish fudge with almonds (can be excluded if you are allergic. You will need a food thermometer for this!!! And Rocky road which is just yummy honestly […]

baking biscotti Christmas baking Cookies Desserts gingerbread julgodis


I literally LOVE christmas baking. The gingerbread cookies, anything saffron, nutmeg and the delicious candies you can make 🥰. I decided to make these cookies cause they are damn delicious with a cup of coffee. U can dunk em in or just have a bit and a sip. The mix of coffee and cookie is […]

A look into our lives baking Christmas baking Cookies


I made these SUPER simple and delicious cookies to bring to a friends house so Sweet P and her bestie could decorate cookies. Can I just say Ive NEVER seen so much sprinkles on cookies before 😂. They had such a blast and they decorated almost 40 of them lol. And I think they did […]