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A soft sponge cake with a carmel and nut topping. Its such a good combo. U have soft sponge, chewy caramel and crunchy almonds. Its rich, sweet and just a perfectly guilty pleasure. Another Swedish staple that I love. Its easy to make yet looks like it took you time. You can eat it as… Continue reading TOSCA KAKA

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I LOVE rhubarbs it reminds me of when I was a kid and used to pick them in my back yard and dip them in sugar and eating them raw, I thought it was the best thing ever with the tartness and the sugar. And I mean I got to eat sugar so how could… Continue reading RHUBARB LEMON CHEESECAKE (NOBAKE)

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On February 18th I celebrated my birthday, the big 33 😂! Can’t believe I’m almost in my mid 30s, like WTF I was just 23 and living my best life, now I’m 33, a mom and trying to figure out my career, what a rollercoaster. Anyways I decided to make a cake. And Princess tårta… Continue reading PRINCESS KLADDKAKA

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I absolutely LOVE cardamom. I think its such a vibrant amazing flavor and its not used enough in everyday cooking. I always add a teaspoon crushed up cardamom in my cinnamon rolls and trust me when I tell you its a game changer!!! Cardamom and orange goes great together but you can also try lemon… Continue reading CARDAMOM CUPCAKES W ORANGE FROSTING

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So sweet P is 4 and she loves doing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING with me so I always include her and let her help. One thing she loves to do is cracking eggs, do NOT ask me why cause I have no idea. So the other day she helped me make scrambled eggs and they never… Continue reading MY LITTLE HELPER



As a swedish native we dont celebrate Thanksgiving obviously but after living in America Inknow the importance if this holiday and it wasnt quite the same this year. This year has been hard in so many ways and still continues to Try us and throw us Curveballs but this year we need to EXTRA thankful… Continue reading PUMPKIN CARROT CAKE



As you know we went apple picking and I had a hard time deciding what to make! I mean we know I love pumpkin so I combined the two. Pumpkin cake with apples and it turned out amazing. Super moist and fluffy and delicious. I ate it with pumpkin ice cream. Simple and delicious. Just… Continue reading APPLE & PUMPKIN UPSIDE DOWN CAKE

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Mini keylime pies

These little suckers(key limes) are so sour and take forever to fresh squeeze but oh so worth it to do it all from scratch. Sure you can buy freshly squeezed keylime juice or use regular limes but why not do the work and do it right!? This recipe is simple, straight forward and delicious. Sweet,… Continue reading Mini keylime pies

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Princess cake

This cake is definitely a Swedish staple. You can dind it literally EVERYWHERE. Every bakery and pastry shop. Cafes and grocery stores. Its a super simple cake. Spongecake, raspberry jam, ALOT of whipped cream and marzipan. Simple and delicious. If you go to a birthday party or any celebration in Sweden its a 90 %… Continue reading Princess cake

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Mini NO BAKE peanut butter cheesecakes

Where should I even start! These little suckers was EVERYTHING I wanted and more. Crisp oreo bottom, creamy, smooth peanut butter filling with a rich chocolate ganache on top!!!!!! Like can you go wrong? As you all know Im not a huge fan of cheesecake, the baked kind, BUT these NO BAKE decadent cheesecakes are… Continue reading Mini NO BAKE peanut butter cheesecakes