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A soft sponge cake with a carmel and nut topping. Its such a good combo. U have soft sponge, chewy caramel and crunchy almonds. Its rich, sweet and just a perfectly guilty pleasure. Another Swedish staple that I love. Its easy to make yet looks like it took you time. You can eat it as… Continue reading TOSCA KAKA

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I’ve actually never made nor had this cookie as far as I can remember so I decided to give it a go. Its half cookie half meringue! Easy to make and delicious. I flavored mine with pumpkin spice cause lets be honest FALL is here!!! 😍 Crisp cookie with soft meringue how can you not… Continue reading JITTERBUGGARE

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Spring is FINALLY here after this LOOOOONG winter, I am so excited, and so is Sweet P. So I had the day off and it was literally 70 degrees F outside, Im talking shorts and t-shirt weather so what else could we do but enjoy it! So we packed sand toys, a beach blanket and… Continue reading SPRING IS HERE

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RIMBO BULLAR (“overnight” vanilla rolls)

I have actually never made these before even though I have been eating them all my life! And let me tell you these are so simple and delicious! You literally just mix all the ingredients for the dough and make the buns and THEN let them proof for a couple of hours. Its a great… Continue reading RIMBO BULLAR (“overnight” vanilla rolls)

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Good Friday is here and that means easter is coming! Sweet P and I love any holiday and coloring eggs is so much fun. You can be creative and just have a fun time together with the kiddos 😍 The easter bunny came eatly this year for Sweet P due to me working easter Sunday… Continue reading EASTER EGG COLORING

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How f***ing amazing is pickled onions? You can little have it on ANYTHING and its so easy to make and it lasts for a looooong time. How I got hooked on these suckers I think was from my former job. Used to come on a fresh tuna ceviche with some jalapeños and its was the… Continue reading PICKLED ONIONS

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I didnt go as crazy as I normally do for Christmas and making candy but I made a couple in my opinion HAVE TOS! Knäck, which is a swedish fudge with almonds (can be excluded if you are allergic. You will need a food thermometer for this!!! And Rocky road which is just yummy honestly… Continue reading HOLIDAY CANDY

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I made these SUPER simple and delicious cookies to bring to a friends house so Sweet P and her bestie could decorate cookies. Can I just say Ive NEVER seen so much sprinkles on cookies before 😂. They had such a blast and they decorated almost 40 of them lol. And I think they did… Continue reading SUGAR COOKIES

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So sweet P is 4 and she loves doing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING with me so I always include her and let her help. One thing she loves to do is cracking eggs, do NOT ask me why cause I have no idea. So the other day she helped me make scrambled eggs and they never… Continue reading MY LITTLE HELPER

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Ive been a mother for 4 whole years now and let me tell you it has NOT been easy. Definitely the hardest thing ive ever gotten myself into but the most rewarding one at the same time. To see a human being you have created just growing up and being this amazing little person is… Continue reading SWEET P IS 4 YEARS OLD ❤️