What a freaking CHALLENGE!!!!! I still don’t know if I know what Im doing but I think “fingers crossed” that I kind of sort of got it down.

Ive ben trying to get a good sourdough started for MONTHS and I followed a 1000 different recipes but NOTHING worked! Talk about DAMN frustrating!!!! And then I decided to just leave a little bit of what I had in the fridge and feed it the day of when I needed it. And I am not gonna lie. The first 2 times I tried it this way it did NOT work BUT I do think It was because I rushed it and didn’t let it rise long enough.

But the THIRD time that is always a charm worked out AMAZING! Like it was like a store bought sourdough and it tasted amazing. It had an amazing crust and the perfect sourdough texture to it! I was so proud of myself that I definitely did a happy dance for about 15 minutes!!!!

I never knew sourdough was this f***ing hard! I almost gave up but on my third try I even messed up BAD! I improvised the hell out of that bread and it was the best one to date!

I didn’t have enough flour but I didn’t realize until I had measured everything but the flour. I had mixed it all and while adding the flour didn’t realize it wasn’t enough so I dumped out the water I had mixed with the sourdough starter. Added more started by a whim and water likewise and I freaking NAILED it! Sometimes mistakes really are a good thing!!

3 thoughts on “SOURDOUGH”

  1. Grattis. Sourdough is definitely a labor of love. It’s a lot easier when the temperatures are warmer but I do like that I can do the overnight cold rise in my cold storage rather than the fridge, sometimes I have 6 loaves going and they won’t all fit in the fridge. I also bake 2 at a time since my oven will hold 2 dutch ovens. I don’t have sandwich loaf bakers but solve that by putting them in a regular loaf pan with a deep dish underneath with hot water to create a crustier top. It’s not as crusty as with a lid steaming, but it’s nice that the size will fit my toaster.

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