I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have been on a mission. I have fallen INLOVE in lack of better words in BAKED DONUTS or CAKE DONUTS what ever the hell you want to call them.

I have been trying out different flavors and combinations and I am trying to get to a top 10 and at this moment of writing I have 3!!!! So there is ways away.

Ive always loved donuts and remember going to the seasonal markets in Sweden, that usually happen twice a year and buy freshly made donuts, they were still piping hot and tossed in sugar and its the best donuts I’ve had to this day.

Im going to be honest as much as I love eating them, making them isn’t hard but dealing with hot oil is just NOT fun. So now I have finally found a way to make them without the proofing time or heating up oil. SURE its not the EXACT same cause we can’t really compare it do a deep-fried donut BUT its definitely a contender.

I definitely have the base recipe down and now and can mess around with flavor combinations and I want DIFFERENT and exciting. We already know that chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and apple, peanut butter, strawberry and so on work and I am trying to come up with different, maybe even alcohol infused donuts. So if you have suggestions shoot me a text cause I am all ears.

What is your passion in life and/or baking? Do you try and always make things better? More interesting? Fun? Thats what I am trying to do with my baking. Always taking it to the next level.

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