I had to run errands (as usual) when Sweet P is in school. While I was doing so I stopped in the middle of it and decided to go grab lunch for myself and go sit at a park near by. I got a POKE bowl and a diet coke and went to a flower garden.

I sat down on a bench by a pond, but my phone down and just took in what I saw for a second. I listened to the peaceful sound of the fountain, I saw the ducks play and the flies dancing on the water. In that moment I knew that that was EXACTLY what I needed. A break from all the “have toos” and just stop. i unpacked my lunch and just sat there looking at nature with my phone tucked away. Every second was needed. (until a bee started bothering me and I had to move) LOL, not EVERYTHING was perfect!

Once i finished eating (got chased away, you read it how you want it) I took a walk in the rose garden and it was the most peaceful moment Ive had in months. Just the wind and the bees and the amazing smell of the flowers. Sometimes you really just need to smell the roses!!!

Taking time to yourself and do something that YOU want is so important. We get so caught up in everything we have to do on our days off but your mental health is way more important. Its NOT selfish to take time to yourself, its beneficial not only for YOU but the people AROUND you. You will be happier and have more energy and learning how to STOP pleasing everyone around you all the time is the BEST. Its very important to learn to just be by yourself. Eat lunch ALONE, go for a walk ALONE, go to the movies ALONE have dinner ALONE. It gives you so much more confidence.

If you haven’t tried it do so!!! GO SPOIL YOURSELF!

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