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Spring is FINALLY here after this LOOOOONG winter, I am so excited, and so is Sweet P. So I had the day off and it was literally 70 degrees F outside, Im talking shorts and t-shirt weather so what else could we do but enjoy it!

So we packed sand toys, a beach blanket and some snacks and went to a lake. The first time we went and it was AMAZING, only thing I was missing was the bikini.

We played in the sand for 2 hours, dipped our feet in the freezing water, then we went to get cupcakes and just had a fun time. I love going on little new adventures with my mini me and she enjoys them just as much. Finding new gems we can revisit once the summer is here is the best.

And I am also extremely sick of going to the park doing the SAME thing every damn day so once I have the chance I try and come up with new ideas even though she would be perfectly fine going to the same park everyday but for MY sanity I need new sceneries.

Next day you have off do something new, doesn’t have to be anything big or a weekend trip just go see a new place, take a walk with a friend, go to a new restaurant, try a new drink or a new type of food and if you want book a trip somewhere go away for a night or a weekend. Just do something NEW! Could be the SMALLEST or the BIGGEST thing, YOU decide.

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