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So sweet P is 4 and she loves doing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING with me so I always include her and let her help. One thing she loves to do is cracking eggs, do NOT ask me why cause I have no idea. So the other day she helped me make scrambled eggs and they never tasted better ☺️

I remember being the same way as her. Always helping my mom in the kitchen, asking questions about what she is doing and ask if I can help and I think that is why my passion of cooking and baking came alive. And I mean being a taste tester is a pretty rewarding job 🤪NOT gona lie my mom doesnt bake much so thats a thing I kind of developed on my own.

I do have a culinary degree and I love cooking. But since having a child I think I kind of put that interest aside for a bit. Not cause I wanted to just cause there is simply no time. Anyone who has a child knows that the hours of the days just isnt enough and especially spending hours cooking and then cleaning while juggling little kids. I only have one so I salute you with more children.

Back in Sweden I used to work in kitchens and I loved the hectic, intense work you had to put in everyday. Chef called out the orders and you just had to remember and cook it to perfection. It was fun and the rush is like nothing else. And then to hear how much people loved the food you made is such a reward after a long shift.

Its so fun to think back of those days and to see sweet Ps interst in food and being in the kitchen with me. It really fills my heart with so much joy.

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