Swedish “greek” meatballs

I am Swedish living in America. And I think the number one question is if I know how to make swedish meatballs and if I’ve ever been to Ikea 🤦🏼‍♀️ like HELLO!? What do you think Mr American!? LOL so today I decided to make meatballs but with a greek twist. I had some fresh parsley and some Feta cheese I had to use so I threw that into my meatballs and they came out so damn GOOD! Fluffy deliciousness in one little ball! And with that I made e fresh tomato salad with leeks (why TF leeks you might wonder cause who ever buys that LOL well I do 😂 and I had some left over but you can use what ever onion you prefer), parsley, oil, balsamic and S&P. And Ofcourse some roasted potatoes cause we all know how much us europeans love bread and potatoes 😍

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