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I am honestly not the best at going to my local farms, orchards or markets but when I do I want to but everything. And I will definitely be better at it. Its so important to support them and buying local is definitely a little more expensive BUT its worth it cause its no added BS to your produce. It doesnt get shipped around the world and sprayed and treated with WHO KNOWS WHAT!!!!! What you put in your body these days are so important. And if you can buy local or even go pick it in a field yourself or plant it yourself then PLEASE do so. Dont you want to know what you putbin your body?

I took P to a local apple orchard, we had lunch and we picked our own apples. It was a humid day and when we first got there she didnt want to do it. But once we got in between all the trees and she got to actually pick the apples of the trees she absolutely LOVED it. We filled a whole bag of different apples like gala, Macintosh and Cortland. NOW its just a matter of coming up with some delicious recipes to make. Any thoughts? 🤔

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