A look into our lives

Summer fun!

This whole Covid thing got all our plans and thoughts twisted. Trips got canceled even going to the beach was a NO for the longest. Staying home and staying safe. I have a 3 year old what the f**k should I do. A week at home drives me insane and drives her insane!! There is no win!

Fortunately at the complex we live they opened up the pool at the end of June and we have basically been in there everyday multiple times a day. We started out with floaties and one day maybe a month in we took them off and this little girl can swim!!!!! Like how did this even happen. Shes like a fish in the water. She jumps in and swims to the edge. Nothing like a proud mother moment than that. 🥰

Other than that we havent done much! Like we cant sooo thats about it for this story LoL. Living the safe life. Keep staying safe and healthy!

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