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Take time to yourself!

Before I even write anything I just want to say that ITS OK to want time for yourself. To take time for yourself and to just be by yourself. Its not selfish, its actually the opposite. To just be alone sometimes is sooooooo needed especially if you have children, or live with someone or still live at home. Its ok to ask to be alone for a whole day, for just a few hours or just for 5 min. What ever YOU need dont be afraid to ask for it!

Tonight I got some time alone!!!!!! Woop woop! I needed it. Especially now during this Corona thing going on. Being at home with a toddler that needs to be entertained non stop!!! I love her to death but sometimes a mommy just needs to chill. Watch TV drink a glass of wine and go to bed at 8 and SLEEP IN! Not getting woken up by a toddler multiple times a night. Just wake up when YOUR body tells you.

So! I made today my cheat day. If you read my other post I told you I am doing a 30 day challenge, fasting and eating healthy but I do allow myself to cheat once a week, If I dont I would never be able to make it! I fucking love food and sweets way to much to limit myself! I would literally cheat EVERY DAMN DAY! So tonight I ordered sushi, even tho my 3 year old loves it she gets to join another time, I poured a glass of wine. I bought some candy, and every time I do I miss Swedish candy more than ever. Ill post about that later so you guys could understand what the hell Im talking about!!! And I sat my ass on the couch and ate all that shit way to fast and now Im laying here with a stomach ache yet SOOOO satisfied. I also took a shower ALL by myself, which for me is a HUGE accomplishment. So this mama over here is definetly winning the game TONIGHT!

So ladies and gents, take some YOU time cause that is fucking needed. Id go insane if I dont get some me time. And by me time I mean do absolutely nothing, just drink wine and sleep in. Dont feel bad if you need it. It will make you a better you and youll come out more energized and ready to get it!

Spicy tuna roll and pan seared pork dumplings! (Gyoza)
Have no soy pods ao Im using Ps bowl, cause it works!!! No fancy shit going on here!

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