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I have been unemployed now for about a month due to Covid-19, like so many other people across the world. It is still mind blowing and feels unbelievable and this is something that will go down in history. And something that has amazed me so much is the company I work for. They have gone above and beyond to take care of us and given us so much, food, giftcards and support and care. Mever in my wildest dreams could I even imagine all this. And I am beyond thankful and grateful for everything. Almost weekly we have been able to pick up gift cards and groceries so we can keep providing for our families. Fruits, vegetables, toiletpaper, milk, eggs, sandwiches and so much more.

One thing Ive been getting alot of is fruit, eapecially apples. So I decided to make a whole bunch of different baked goods with apples. i am not a huge apple pie fan or fruit in anything kinda woman. But I wanted to try some different things so I did. And these yummy apple recipes came out really nice. I will post some pictures of them all and recipes are to come!

I hope you all are staying safe and positive out there and making the very beat of the situation you can. And if you are still working I hope you are staying safe and Thank you for all that you do!

Apple pancakes!
Apple crumble with extra crumble.
Apple pie bars with shortcake bottom🥰
Apple pie cupcakes with vanilla&cinnamon frosting 🧁

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