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Whipped coffee!!!!

This new trend seems to be EVERYWHERE now a days so of course I had to try it, the adult edition 🤗. Its made with instant coffee, sugar and boiling water (equal parts) and you whisk it for about 3 minutes until you have this caramel like fluffy consistency to it. You take a glass fill with ICE and fill your glass half up with milk of your choice and add this fluffy coffee caramel like thing on top. And of course when I did this with my friend we spiked it with Kahlua 😍, cause why the hell not. And my honest opinion is BLAH! I just HATE instant coffee and it should not have the right to be called coffee. It has this weird after taste that makes me wanna throw up. But i mean if you like instant coffe you will prob LOVE THIS! And if you just mix in a little bit of the coffee in the milk it works but I would honestly not do this again. Also I am from Sweden so coffee is everything for us and this is probably why this isnt to my liking. But hey TRY it. At least it looks cool!

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