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Be creative!!!!

Today was a day of shitty weather, rain , hail, thunder, windy you name it. So I thought to myself, “what fun things can I do with a 3 year old” that will keep us occupied and creative for a little while. And I thought back to when I was a kid and what we used to do. And 2 things came to me. Paint rocks and do macaroni necklaces! So we did one of the 2. I told P to go put on her shoes and lets go pick some rocks (this was early am before the rain started). She loved it from the start. She got to pick her OWN rocks and just finding them was an adventure. She was so excited.

Once we cane in I washed them off and took out all the fun things to paint and decorate them. Stickers, paint, glitter, markers, feathers, pompoms you name it! And it was so fun! WASHABLE PAINT or dont do it!!!!! 😂 It will be everywhere.

I also discovered how fucking awful I am at creativity and painting let alone drawing. 😂 I always knew but never thought it was this bad. But hey we can only do our BEST🤦🏼‍♀️😂! If you ever need an ugly painted rock HOLLA at ya girl!

Washable paint for the win!
Made by yours truly!!!!
P’s master piece!
Finished product!

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