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Home workout!!!!

So me and my sister started an Instagram account where we post workouts together. At home or at the gym. I can only do home workouts now cause I live in America where EVERYTHING is closed but in Sweden where my sister still is the gyms are currently still open. So I have been doing workouts with my toddler and she absolutely LOVES it and she makes it so much more fun.

I know this pandemic has put alot of us in situations we never thought we would be in. Thats Why I personally think that we need to be even more motivated and determined than ever before. Its easy to get lazy and unmotivated if you dont put pressure on yourself or make a schedule for yourself and your family. I make sure I always get a workout in. Get some fresh air and do something creative w my toddler. Thats why I wanted to show you how our workouts look. Its fun and gets her going to. Hell even my cat joins in 😂. No excuses cause life wont take you anywhere on excuses! If you want to see more videos head on over to Instagram and follow sister_2worldsapart 🤗😊

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