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My one true happiness!

I know its gona sound cliche BUT my little munchkin butt is it! I literally sat here tonight and was just looking at her and just got overwhelmed of the love and happiness she brings me, especially during these uncertain times we are all going through. All of America is literally shut down and so many people lost their jobs, including me. And I look at her and think about how much drive she gives me. How she keeps me smiling and going, how she loves doing everything with me and how she never would let me fail. She gives me that extra go and ahe makes me appreciate life more than I ever have.

I know ALOT of you read this and go shes insane, my kids drive me crazy, and dont get me wrong she does to LOL BUT i am much better with her than without. Sometimes I feel like I wana drink ALL day but I dont because she makes me wan be better. I sit here and write even tho I just wana drink 😂 so I am doing both. Lol. All jokes aside point of this shit is she keeps me sane. Makes me happy. Makes me laugb and smile every single day and I will be damned if I dont embrace this time out of work to watch her grow and work on the things that I wana accomplish in life. My dreams, my goals, our future. Shit is hard ALOT of times but no one EVER said things come easy, if so we would all be successful and enjoy life to the fullest. You have to separate yourself and go your own way. Believe in yourself and follow the path that is right for you. Success and happiness is different to everyone. Take this crazy time and find what your happiness and passion in life is. We are all in this together. Be the best YOU you always wanted to be!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!

Icecream and silly!!!
This is everyday. Less clothes the better!
Princess in the rain ☔️
Picnic in the living room, cause why not!?
Did a 1000 rep challenge, I was dead!!!!
Current mood while writing this post! Aint nothing fancy here 🍻

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