A look into our lives, Workouts

Staying active!

Times are tough now for all of us. The Corona virus outbreak. People losing their jobs (including me), we can’t go anywhere and should stay away from everyone. I am a gym rat and I HATE that I can’t workout as I normally do. But I do try to stay active at home. I take walks. Go for runs and do in home workouts. Its not the same but you work with what you got! NO EXCUSES!!!

To get out and get some fresh air and stay active in this madness we went for a 3 mile hike with an amazing view and I wanted to share that with you. Cause in this crazy time we got to find happiness and beauty in what we still have around us. We HAVE TO try and stay positive and make the best of this situation. All we can do is really to ride this out, stay safe and wash our hands. Good luck out there my friends, WE got this!!!!!!!

This view was AMAZING!
Red nose = sweet swede is cold 😂

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