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Having a baby!!!

Sweet Swede & Sweet P ♥️

My life as a mom started 3+ years ago. October 20th 2016, also her daddys birthday!! (happy birthday babe 😂). I think all us women and probably most men remember the hectic, stressful moments when the water breaks(if it does), contractions, rushing to the hospital, bringing the “babybag”. Ours was fast and emotional. I remember it like it happened yesterday. We were gona go out for breakfast as it was my husbands birthday. I didn’t go cause I wasnt feeling well but didn’t think much about it since I had 2 more weeks to go in my pregnancy. He went with his friends and came home a couple hours later. I still wasn’t feeling great. An hour or so after he came home my contractions started a bit. But I still didnt think it could be possible that she was coming since you know I had 2 weeks left 😂. I remember trying to call my doctor but they where closed for lunch, go figure!!! At this point I am laying with my chest on his legs in pain sweating, taking my clothes off and THEN my water breaks all over his foot and the carpet, I start bawling like a baby!! Its real! She is coming! Its happening. We scramble together all the stuff we need and I get dressed and we walk to the car. I had to stop 2-3 times due to my contractions, the walk to the car was 1 minute!!!

We get in the car. My pants are soaked im in pain and I feel like she is coming. Lucky for us the hospital was literally up the street. A 5 minute carride if even that. I get there we get rushed in to the room where the nurses think I am exaggerating and as they said “calm down, take a deep breath she is not coming yet, it doesn’t help that you scream” I even told them that I feel like I had to push but they didn’t believe me until they FINALLY looked and was like “oh theres the head”!!! Mmmmhmmm….2:30pm we got there 2:59 she was born, lucky the hospital was close otherwise she wouldve been born in our 2010 Nissan Altima 😊.

It’s so hard to imagine how much your life will change when you have a child also how blessed you are to have a little mini who loves you unconditionally. To raise another human and keep them safe is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

Also having a child changed my whole outlook on life. You don’t care about the BS in your life and you “clean up” your life. Meaning you get rid of toxic people. And you really know who is your friend when you go through a pregnancy and when you give birth. Granted I was in California when I gave birth and had no family around but a text or a call are so easy to do these days. I got more motivated than ever to create an amazing life for my Sweet P and follow my dreams aswell. To do the things I have always dreamt of and show her and teach her that she can do anything she sets her mind to. I love being a mom it’s the greatest blessing I could ever have dreamed of!!!

2 thoughts on “Having a baby!!!”

  1. Beautiful words babe! I will always love this story lol so happy ur sharing it with everyone. Amazing story and day We will never ever ever forget.


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